Behaviorist Support – WVP Medical Group clinics understand that caring for a whole patient is the key to improved health. Sometimes people need help understanding how changing their behavior can improve their overall health, the WVP Behavioral Health providers are there to help.

Care Coordination – When you have a complex medical or mental health illness, navigating the healthcare system can seem overwhelming.  From making sure you take the right medication at the right time to smoothing communication with your full care team, care coordinators are vital to an integrated medical home.  WVP Medical Group has several care coordinators that can support you and your family by providing a comprehensive, coherent and continuous response to your unique care needs.

Extended Office Hours – People do not always get sick between 8am and 5pm. Getting away from work to see the doctor can be challenging.   WVP Medical Group understands these problems, that is why many of our locations have extended office hours.  You can come in when its convenient for you, or if you have an urgent need after 5 pm rather than having to go to the emergency room.  Please call your clinic to schedule an appointment. Click Here to see a list of clinics near you.

Service: Family Practice

Family Medicine – Family medicine practitioners are dedicated to treating the whole person, all ages and genders, every organ and disease, from infants with ear infections to adults with high blood pressure.  WVP Medical Group has several practitioners at each of our locations with interest in Family Medicine who are available as Primary Care Providers with a focus on integrated care and strong patient-provider relationships. Click Here to see a list of clinics near you.

Service: General Surgery

General Surgery – A general surgeon is a physician with special training related to operative procedures for both elective and emergency surgical treatments. WVP Doctors Clinic has several experienced surgeons and caring staff to guide you and your family through a surgical procedure.  Your Primary Care or Specialty Care provider will need to refer you to our surgical team.

Service: Immunizations

Immunizations – WVP Medical Group providers want you to be as healthy as possible, one way to prevent disease is to get immunized to protect against these diseases. Not sure what immunizations your child might need?

Click here for a link to the current information available about vaccines from the CDC.  We encourage you to talk to your health care provider if you have questions about immunizations.  Unsure if you or your child are due for immunizations?  Call your WVP Medical Group clinic to find out.

Service: Internal medicine

Internal Medicine – Internal medicine practitioners have a special focus on the diagnosis, treatment and compassionate care of adults, including preventive and diagnostic services to continue a full and healthy life.   WVP Medical Group has Internal Medicine providers at several of our locations who are available as Primary Care Providers to serve you across the spectrum from health to managing complex illnesses. Click Here to see a list of clinics near you.

Service: Laboratory

Laboratory  – The medical laboratory is where all of the necessary information about your body is discovered, revealed and analyzed.  WVP Medical Group employs our own full lab, and our testing capabilities are vast and our analytical skills are accurate.  Call your WVP Medical Group clinic with questions about testing.

Service: Medical Weight Management

Salem Medical Weight Management:

NextGen Patient Portal

NextGen Patient Portal – The NextGen web-based Patient Portal allows patients, physicians and staff to communicate easily, safely and securely over the Internet. Using the online portal, patients can do the following:

  • View/print a summary of their Personal Health Record
  • View lab, x-ray and miscellaneous test results online.
  • Schedule appointments
  • View and Pay statements
  • View medications and request refills
  • Communicate directly with Providers
Services: Obstetrics

Pregnancy –  Pregnancy is a time of significant change in your body and you want a provider that supports both your physical health and that of your baby, but your emotional health as well.  WVP Medical Group has several providers that can walk with you during this journey.  Click Here to see a list of clinics near you.

Services: Pediatric

Pediatric Medicine – Pediatric medicine focuses on the physical, mental and social health of children and young adults, from sports physicals and well child checks to all the bumps and bruises of childhood.  WVP Medical Group Family Medicine providers are available to treat patients of all ages and can be the medical home for your whole family. Click Here to see a list of clinics near you.

Services: Preventative Wellness

Preventative and Wellness Exams – Preventative and wellness exams are essential to getting or staying on a healthy lifestyle path, and are a great opportunity for you and your provider to discuss screenings and promotion or healthy life choices.  Preventative and wellness exams can include well child checks, annual physicals, and womens’ health physicals.  Ask your WVP Medical Group clinic if it is time to schedule your next wellness visits