Service: Laboratory

The Doctors’ Clinic offers an on-site full service laboratory that is licensed by the State of Oregon and certified by the federal agencies COLA and CLIA.

Our friendly and efficient Lab/X-Ray receptionists schedule and check-in patients for their lab studies, X-Rays, mammograms and other radiology studies. They contact our patients to remind them of their lab appointments and generate recalls for Mammography tests.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced Phlebotomists draws patients’ blood specimens and instructs patients on collecting urine and other samples for testing.

Our staff also perform EKGs and other cardiac monitoring tests. Most routine laboratory tests are performed at the clinic by certified Medical Technologists and Technicians using state of the art instrumentation and techniques. More unusual tests are sent to Quest Diagnostics Lab for processing.

Offering in-house lab services is convenient for our patients and enables us to communicate more efficiently with WVP Medical Group providers. .

Lab Hours: 7:15 am to 5:30 PM
Limited Saturday hours: by appointment only.
Lab Department: (503)364-1377

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