Welcome to WVP Medical Group


The purpose of WVP Medical Group, LLC is to assist with and improve the health of the population we serve.


WVP Medical Group, LLC in partnership with the WVP Health Authority and independent community-based providers, delivers efficient and effective health services across the resource continuum using a team-based, family-centered model of care.


Every person in Marion and Polk Counties has access to primary holistic health care services that improve the patient experience of care and community health while reducing per capita health care costs.


  • Quality
  • Financial Stewardship
  • Growth
  • Open Access
  • Collegiality
  • Respect

Clinic Administrators:

  • Kathy Deaton RN CMPE,
    • MSO Administrator
    • Administrator at WVP Flaming Medical Center
  • Cheryl Hansen, CMA,
    • WVP Boulder Creek Clinic
  • Amy Schmidt,
    • WVP Keizer Clinic
  • Kari Cox
    • WVP Independence-Monmouth Clinic
  •  Wendy MacGregor RN
    • WVP The Doctors Clinic
  • Wendi Jeffreys, WVP Dallas Family Medicine

WVP Medical Group LLC Management Committee:

  • Jeff Humphrey, D.O.  President
  • Chlesea Lee, PA-C Treasurer
  • Stephen Chaffee, DO, Secretary
  • Jan Baldwin, PhD
  • Eric Laro, M.D.
  • Heather Rollins, PA-C
  • Doug Eliason, MD  Chief Medical Officer, Ex Officio member
  • Jay Campbell, DO
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